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Leading Brand in eye washer industry

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BOHUA-- Leading Brand in Chinese eye washer industry

About Bohua
Shanghai Bohua Security Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai BOHUA security equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces eyewash, respirator, dust mask and other products, also acts...【In depth understanding of Bohua 】

—— Shanghai Bohua certificate of honor ——

Product Center

Shanghai Bohua eye washer -- higher requirements than American standards


Superior material and great craftmanship

Self-owned workshop with high production performance, in order to satisfy orders of big amount with high quality

Self-owned workshop of 1800 square meters for customized productionAdvanced machinery and processing, strictly follow the technical standard and secure the safety of users Deliver in one week Regular stock is sufficient for delivery on that day (50 to 100 units always)

Professional customization beyond your imagination

15 days of fast customization for eye washers

During the last 10 years, more than 5000 customers chose Shanghai Bohua

800000 tons of ethylene project of Fushun Petrochemical
800000 tons of ethylene project of Fushun Petrochemical

This open tender of 800000 tons of ethylene project, we are the only bidder that wins. The purchasing activity was carried out sep...

800000 tons of ethylene project of Wuhan Petrochemical
800000 tons of ethylene project of Wuhan Petrochemical

Part of this project purchased our eye washers, you choose us for no worries and good quality!

Comprehensive after service you can rely on us

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