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Correct installation and routine maintenance of vertical eye washer

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扫一扫!Correct installation and routine maintenance of vertical eye washer扫一扫!
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Shanghai Bohua vertical eyewash is composed of double-layer filter nozzle, dust cover, eyewash basin, water inlet pipe, eyewash switch, main pipe, drain and base! 304 stainless steel material can ensure eye washer, durable and rust free!


Installation of vertical eye washer:            

1. According to the installation hole size of the eyewash base, drill 3 - Ф 14mm holes where the eyewash needs to be installed.


2. The drawings for installing the eye washer shall be assembled step by step. The assembled eye washer shall be installed to the specified position and fixed with the expansion screw.


Daily maintenance vertical eye washer            

The filter screen of the outlet nozzle of the eye washer needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly (there are too many water impurities or water rust, which may cause blockage, rust, etc.) in case of water leakage in the use of the valve, it is recommended to replace it in time and check it once a week in general!

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