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Eye washer classification

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1: Eye washer application: In some chemical plants or other environments, the intactness of important facilities and equipment for safe production, daily management and maintenance, the intactness of storage containers for special equipment and hazardous substances with high risk, inspection and inspection, and the general survey, filing and risk identification of major hazard sources in production and operation sites, key links and positions with high risk factors . monitoring the construction of early warning system and the implementation of measures. In the dangerous place, whether the leakage place is equipped with the safety equipment for pre inspection, such as toxic gas detector, eye washer, etc.            


Provide emergency rescue materials, formulate emergency rescue plan and emergency drill; check whether the design of emergency channel is reasonable and smooth; check, prevent and manage the dangerous points around the enterprise or in the process of operation.


2. Functions and features of eye washer:            

Features of eyewash device: it has the function of emergency eyewash and the function of whole body washing.            


Manufacturing standard of eye washer: ANSI z358-1 2014 (American Standard)            


3. Main technical parameters of eye washer:            


Material: 304 + Green ABS powder spray            


Opening mode: Manual (optional).            


Performance: anti-corrosion, anti-weak acid, alkali, salt solution.            


Eyewash flow: water pressure greater than 0.25mpag, eyewash flow: 12-18l / min; shower flow           


Quantity: 75.7-180l / min.           


Design pressure: 0.6mpag; according to customer design requirements: 0.6mpag -- 1.0mpag.            


4. Usage and use of products            

Gently push the eye wash valve by hand (pedal, flip and full-automatic are optional), clean tap water is ejected from the eye wash system (the dust cover is automatically opened). After cleaning the eyes, close the switch valve and reset the dust cover.            Pull down the flushing rod by hand, and the water will spray out automatically from the sprinkler head. After use, reset the valve rod and close the flushing valve.            


Eye wash nozzle: a water jet for cleaning eyes and face.            


Eye wash dust cover: a dust cover used to protect the eye wash nozzle and prevent dust.            Shower head: water spray device for cleaning the whole body.            


On off valve: valve device used to open and close water flow, separate push and pedal            A device used to direct water flow            

Filter screen: it is used to filter the impurities and chipping in the eye washer from the water; it can also be matched            



Base: aluminium alloy, 304, 316, carbon steel, etc., used to fix eye washer.            Material: 316304 stainless steel, galvanized pipe, carbon steel, epoxy resin (ABS), PP            


Different materials have different anticorrosive properties.            


This eye washer is used to temporarily reduce harmful substances to eyes, face and body in case of emergency            


Body damage, into the treatment and treatment, follow the doctor's advice.            


5. Main classification of eye washer            

Compound eye washer            

Vertical eye washer            

Wall mounted eye washer           

Portable eyewash            

Buried eye washer           

Electric heat tracing eye washer            

Electric eye washer

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