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How to maintain the eye washer in daily

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扫一扫!How to maintain the eye washer in daily扫一扫!
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How to maintain the eyewash            

Many companies need to use eyewash, but in an emergency, the biggest fear is that the eyewash does not water, or other problems. Next, I will tell you how to maintain the eye washer. Avoid "strike" when things need to use eyewash!


1. Check the switch of the eye washer once a week to ensure that the switch can be opened normally and the water in the pipe should be kept smooth.


2. Regularly wipe the water in the outlet of the eyewash nozzle of the eyewash machine to prevent dust blocking the eyewash nozzle and affecting the normal use effect.            3. Change the water in the eye wash every day! Keep the water fresh!            


4. Check whether the indication sign of the eye washer is intact, the appearance is intact, there is no rust, the valve switch is effective, the main valve is in the normally open state, the filter screen of the eye washer is not blocked, the water outlet is normal, the water source is clear, the protective cover of the eye washer is intact, and the filter screen is rusted or blocked. The flushing device shall be insulated.            


5. The operators shall be retrained regularly to remind the employees that the setting of emergency equipment cannot replace the use of basic personal protective equipment, such as protective glasses, masks, protective gloves, and chemical protective clothing. The manufacturer shall provide corresponding technical training for the maintenance and repair of eye washer and washing room.            


6. Guide the staff to master the operation and maintenance methods of the eye washer and ensure that the compound eye washer is in standby state at any time to meet the emergency requirements. Maintenance requires the user to check the water outlet once a week, and the inspection records shall be placed on the eye washer site.            The above is the introduction to the maintenance methods of eye wash provided by w. I hope it will help you to understand the eye wash! No matter where the eye washer is used, it needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of the eye washer is responsible for the safety of the operators and can also extend the life of the eye washer

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