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How to use eye washer correctly

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扫一扫!How to use eye washer correctly扫一扫!
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Gently push the eye wash valve by hand (pedal, flip and full-automatic are optional), clean tap water is ejected from the eye wash system (the dust cover is automatically opened). After cleaning the eyes, close the switch valve and reset the dust cover. Pull down the flushing rod by hand, and the water will spray out automatically from the sprinkler head. After use, reset the valve rod and close the flushing valve.           


Eye wash nozzle: a water jet for cleaning eyes and face.

Eye wash dust cover: a dust cover used to protect the eye wash nozzle and prevent dust.            


Shower head: water spray device for cleaning the whole body.            


On off valve: valve device used to open and close water flow, separate push and pedal.            


Water pipe: a device used to direct water flow.           


Filter screen: used to filter the impurities and debris in the eye washer

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