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The application of eye washer in laboratory

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扫一扫!The application of eye washer in laboratory扫一扫!
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The application of laboratory eye washer            

Eye washer is the guarantee of laboratory safety. It can quickly prevent or solve the hidden danger of safety when encountering acid-base, organic, toxic and corrosive! It can reduce or avoid the secondary injury of harmful materials!


The water pressure of laboratory eye washer shall not be lower than 0.02 MPa. If it is less than 0.02 MPa, it is necessary to clean the impurities from the outlet nozzle of the eye washer. Regular daily maintenance is needed to play an important role in critical time!            Two points need to be paid attention to during use.  


1. When washing the body, hands or eyes, the valve opening switch shall be pulled down, the water shall be automatically ejected and washed on the position to be washed. When closing the valve after use!            

2. After emergency use of eye washing device, it is only temporary to slow down the damage of harmful materials to the body, and further immediate medical treatment is needed. Follow the doctor's instructions!

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