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Electric heating eye washer

Product Name:Electric heating eye washer
Product model:BH30-1062G
Main material:304 stainless steel
Base:aluminum alloy die casting
Executive standard: ANSI Z 358.1-2014
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Basic technical parameters            

1. The automatic temperature control electric tracing band is used for heat tracing, and there is an insulating layer outside.           

2. Set a temperature controller to control the electric tracing band to trace the water temperature inside the eye washer.            

3. Power supply: 220VAC / 1PH / 50Hz.            

4. Power of Electric Tracing Band: 26W / m, power of electric tracing band of the whole eye washer: 150 ~ 260W.            

5. Explosion proof grade: Exd IIB T4 or Exd IIC T6            

6. Protection grade: IP65 or IP66            

7. The outer layer of the eye washer is made of green ABS material, which can be disassembled for the convenience of later maintenance of the eye washer on site.            

8. Eye washer is of integral structure.            

9. The eye wash elbow will not be blocked.           

10. The water pressure and flow can be adjusted for the eye wash part.

11. The whole eye washer can use the eye wash part or spray part alone or can use the eye wash and spray functions at the same time.            

12. The main material SS304 can resist the corrosion of chemical substances.            

13. Equipped with spray system and eye wash system, directly installed on the ground of the work site.            14. Suitable for use in areas with weather temperature higher than - 45 ° C.            

15. Connect the drinking water with the water source pressure of 0.2-0.6mpa.            

16. Water inlet size: 1-1 / 4 "MNPT or 1-1 / 2" flange so-rf asme-b16.5-cl150            

17. Water outlet size: 1-1 / 4 "MNPT or 1-1 / 2" fnpt            

18. Spray water flow: > 75.7l/min            

19. Eye wash water flow: > 1.5l/min            

20. Eye wash / face wash water flow: > 11.4l/min            

21. Flushing time: > 15min            

22. Hand push handle with luminous sign            

23. Equipped with eye washer luminous safety tag

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