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Correct installation and routine maintenance of vertical eye washer 20-06-18
Shanghai Bohua vertical eyewash is composed of double-layer filter nozzle, dust cover, eyewash basin, water inlet pipe, eyewash switch, main pipe, drain and base! 304 stainless steel material can ensure eye washer, durable and rust free! View details
How to choose eye washer correctly 20-06-15
Eye washer: it is an effective safety protection appliance that can quickly reduce the harm to the lowest when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquid, etc.) are splashed on the body, face, eyes of the staff or the clothing of the staff... View details
Eye washer classification 20-06-11
1: Eye washer application: In some chemical plants or other environments, the intactness of important facilities and equipment for safe production, daily management and maintenance, the intactness of storage containers for special equipment... View details

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